Two down in K-Town.
Koreatown, NYC

Jack the Tipper strikes again.

Let’s hit the streets.

Bath time.

Boy in yellow.

Surf Vs Turf

No more Conway Twitty please.

How’s that coffee working out for ya?

Way to go incognito.

Bad Boyz of K Town.

Crime scene in Cortlandt Alley, NYC.

Grudge match.

Swine Lake.

Tutu much.

It’s what’s for dinner.

Goat is a goofy foot.


Just rappin' on the corner.

Mmmmm … Everyone match this nooote.

This one is a doo wop fav, and we hope you enjoy.

it’s over baby.

Times Square bathing.

I don’t have the heart to tell him that his pants have gone missing.

Heart attack in schoolyard.

Oh look, it’s showtime…again.

Look who thinks they are Lionel Richie.

Stranger Danger.

Stranger Danger 2. Run kids Run!

Please don’t douse us in blue cheese dressing.

Bacon bits.

Party like it’s 1999. Welcome back nerd herd.

Cream always rises to the top.

First and last day as a lifeguard.

Don’t cry over it Ms.

3rd wheel.

Bovine busy.

On the count of three, we’re gonna make a break for it.

Quit eyeballing on me.

Piggy Star.

I’m wonder what Ed Koch was like.

Piggy in a blanket? No, Piggy in a bucket. Get it?

Valet parking.

“You didn’t hear this from me.”
Bovine gossip.

Here come the water works.

Times Square Patrol.

Abbey Road.

Sell out. 25 cents a ride. Is that what your dignity is worth? Sell out.

Milkshakes and margaritas do not mix.

These drunken pigs make me sick to my stomach(s).

Hey lady, can you call us a cab please,

Well, this is embarrassing.


Party on.

Then we’ll go to Zabar’s for lox.

The herd.


Sell out.

The hoofing dead.

Local Dairy Union 23.

I’m in hell.

And God took us right then.

Something tells me the baked alaska is now over baked.

Why is the waiter walking away from our table?


Piggy has a temper.

Bachelor forever. Soul patch does not get the ladies.

Can you hot-wire this thing?

Space cow walks the moon.

Waiting for a call from his snitch.
(One of the few remaining phone booths in NYC.)

Oh snap! I forgot to floss.

Just act natural.

I could dance too, if it weren’t for the leg.


The Plastic Farm Animals of New York

This collection was taken with an iPhone 5, 6, & lucky number 7.
An Olloclip was used for the wide shots, and Snapseed for photo editing.
*No plastic farm animals were harmed during this project. They we’re simply melted afterwards.

Photos Taken In
New York City, & a farm in Pomroy, OH.